Hauntings of a Pig/Cat

This is a story about a pig and a cat, but mostly about the pig. I wrote it in response the prompt on the The Daily Post’s site. Leave comments below and let me know what you think. This is one of my first pieces of fictional writing and I’m so excited to write more!!

Once upon a time, there was a pig. It’s name Robert. Robert loved cats. He had a cat friend named Kate. They met when they were baby pigs and cats. Kate loved to drink soup. She loved cat soup, which included cat meat because actually she was a sadistic cannibal. Robert never suspected a thing because of Kate’s sweet nature. Robert soon found himself falling in love with Kate. Robert one day went to confess his feelings to Kate but on his way to her house, he fell down a hill and tumbled all the way to a beach where he got caught in a beach towel. After Robert managed to get out of the labyrinth, which was in the beach towel, some hungry people who were on the beach for 5 days chased him. The hungry people could see Robert because of there hunger. The hungry people caught him and began to peel off Robert’s skin. Robert got away from these people after half his body was peeled. Then he went to Kate’s house who was torturing little cats before devouring them. Before he got to Kate’s house he died of his injuries and rotted away. No one noticed Robert’s disappearance because he was actually invisible and no one could see him anyways. Kate continued to be a cannibal until one of her victim’s turned out to not be dead and killed her.

Robert’s ghost then came back to haunt the hungry people who peeled his skin. He would go to their houses and kill their children in front of them before skinning them and then leaving them to die. One of the hungry people found out who Robert was but he automatically assume he was human. This one hungry person didn’t believe animals had souls. Robert then appears before him and tells him how him and his friends peeled his skin off slowly watching him in agony from the pain. Then Robert kills the one hungry person left. He flies away to heaven or hell chuckling to himself from thinking about the pun “when pigs fly”. Kate’s ghost continues to eat other cat’s ghost. Also because of Kate’s cannibalism tendencies she could see Robert when they were alive.


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