The Last Authentic Laugh I Had!

This story is about the last funniest thing that made me laugh very hard. It’s in response to the prompt on The Daily Post’s Site. Leave comments and opinions below and please do tell if my writing sucks!!


The last funniest thing that gave me an authentic life happened just yesterday. I was watching a Bollywood movie called Ishq (in English, it means love). The story is about two guys, one who is rich and one who is poor. The rich boy’s father absolutely hates poor people and wants his son to marry his friend’s daughter who is also rich. The rich boy, Ajay, and his best friend, Raja, go to the city where Ajay falls in love with a poor girl named Kajal whose best friend, Madhu, is the daughter of Ajay’s father’s friend. Raja falls in love with Madhu. The rest of the movie is about the love stories and marriage of the couples. This movie was hilarious and there were so many scenes, which made me laugh so hard my stomach hurt and I do not laugh easily. There was one scene where Ajay’s father, who hates poor people, was coming down the stairs from his bedroom. One of his servants was cleaning the floor right in front of the stairs. When Ajay’s father came down the stairs, he purposely stepped on the servant’s hand. The servant screamed and asked Ajay’s father why he stepped on his hand and Ajay’s father replied “ Why was your hand where I put my foot?” HAHAHAHAHAHA, so funny but I suppose it was funnier when you watch the actual scene. Please don’t judge, the scene was actually funny!!


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