My Dream House!!

This story is about how I would renovate a run-down mansion on the countryside! What changes I would make and what I would add. So basically my dream house!! This story is in response to the prompt on The Daily Post’s Site

If I could renovate a run-down mansion on the countryside, assuming money wasn’t a concern, I would add a lot of things! First I would probably restore everything in house, like the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, etc. Then I would have a specific theme to my house. My theme would be that old fashioned becomes modernized! I would make the bathrooms have body-length mirrors and maybe some old fashioned sinks that are shaped as huge bowls. The living room would have old furniture with modern painting and accessories. The kitchen would be more modern and have the typical stuff, like fridge, oven, microwave, etc. I would probably have a green house with those suction tubes networks leading from the green house to the kitchen. The suction tube network (yes, it is a real thing but I do not know the exact name) are just some tubes big enough to transport food, like vegetables and fruit. I would add some outdoor facilities like a beach themed pool, tennis court and basketball court. There would also be a gym and a theater. That is pretty much all I can think of. Of course, I would renovate the other rooms (like the living rooms, dining rooms, etc.) but I can’t think off any specific designs right this second an probably won’t think off them until I actually come across this situation!

Please leave comments and opinions! 


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